6 Step Lawn Care Program

A unique lawn care program to get the results you'll love

Controlled Release Fertilizing Program Controlled Slow Release Fertilizer (CRF) is smarter than the rest. 

With CRF polymer coated technology, it delivers a more uniformed release of nutrients for a period of up to 120 days.


● One treatment feeds lawn for up to 120 days 

● Uses less fertilizer 

● Lower environmental impact 

● Creates less stress for your lawn 

● Less chance of fungus 

● Also used in the golf course industry

Lawn Program Applications: 

1. Granular application of pre emergent plus CRF fertilizer (Lasts up to 90 days) 

2. Spray entire lawn with weed control (to find and get the smallest weeds) 

3. Granular application preventative grub control plus CRF fertilizer (Lasts up to 120 days) 

4. Find and spray any weeds, crabgrass or nutsedge, check lawn for any issues 

5. Spray entire lawn with weed control (to find and get the smallest weeds) 

6. Granular winterizer (helps stimulate and strengthen root growth for strong spring green up)

More Environmentally Friendly 

The advanced polymer coating gradually distributes nutrients directly to the turf. Since the nutrients are released gradually throughout the growth cycle as the temperature rises, this minimizes potential losses to the environment, atmosphere, and groundwater and is not affected by rainfall or irrigation. 

Extended Release 

Because the amount of nutrients released depends on soil temperature, this makes it great for the lawn fertilizing process. There’s less need to worry about growth surges or nitrogen runoff from excessive moisture. By using this controlled release process for lawn fertilization, you ensure nutrients are delivered directly to the turfs roots. 

After Complete Release: Polymer Decomposition 

After all the nutrients have been released, the polymer coating microbially decomposes into naturally occurring soil elements